Correction systems

Can room correction programs like audessy and men room correction systems be used on the direct stream junior dac when being used as either a pre amp or outboard dac? A huge thank you to anyone who can help me with this,
Thank you.

When you say “program” I assume you mean DSP software you run on a computer ;

I have Dirac Live room correction installed on my PC (windows 10) and it works just fine with any DAC I have tested it with including DS Jr and DS Sr.

The software can use any audio output device for streaming, it installs as a soundcard and you tell the DSP where to send the sound from its control panel. In my case that is through a USB -> Spdif converter (for galvanic isolation…)

If it is possible to use it with the DS Bridge is something I still have to work out, the Bridge is not presented as a regular sound card in the OS which means that Dirac can not see it.

Hope this helps.