Room Correction in the DS


My listening room has been judged as “a huge bass trap” by an acoustic engineer who visited recently.

Now I know where my bass have gone ;o)

There’s only so much we can do physically so I need to tweak my system for some bass to come back to my ears.

Putting aside change of gear for now, I’ve though of a few options for room correction but all of them add either a device or multiple software manipulation of the digital stream…

There would be a solution in which the number of manipulations to the stream would be limited: if it was all happening inside the DS!

Could we load filters to be applied (calculated externally in REW or something like that…)?

Does the DS have that capability, could it be added as a feature?

It isn’t currently a feature. There really isn’t enough compute power to do multiple parametric eq’s at the full rate (e.g. for DSD inputs) and players like foobar2000 (and JRiver MC I think) can already use/do room correction functions for PCM. When I have some spare time I’ll think about ways to shoehorn in room correction curves, but don’t count on it becoming a feature of the DS.

thanks for the answer Ted,

maybe a feature for the external bridge ;o)

That would be a great extra functionnality for the external bridge. I am actively looking for a streamer/Room Correction hardware but couldn’t find any. Most of the existing product are either also a DAC or an integrated AMP.

The best solution in my opinion is provided by Trinnov. Really easy to use and configure. I believe they have an OEM version.

Would be great to have this as an option for the external bridge (with an input for their Mic).