Court and Spark!

I won’t do this each time a new Joni album comes out but I just can’t contain myself for this one. HD Tracks has it. My favorite is actually Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter with Jaco which is not everyone’s cup of tea. I hope that they release it soon.

I have the DCC files of this album. I haven’t heard HD Tracks but love the ones I have.

It’s funny, when Joni went “jazzy” she played with some of my favourite musicians (Jaco, Herbie etc) but I still couldn’t get off on it.

Jaco’s work on Don Juan is excellent. Lots of overdubbing to flesh it out but very melodic playing that I still love to listen to. It is a very “open” structure that gives him a lot of room to play in. Joni’s guitar is atmospheric and in God knows what tunings as usual. Jericho is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Jian interviewed Joni recently and it aired this week.

It should be posted soon on his site here under interview archives.

Wow, Gordon, Thanks. I just finished part 1. That’s Joni. Not afraid to say what she means and mean what she says. Her influence on the structure of “pop” music is well known among songwriters but is largely occult to the non-musician listener. My friends grin and wonder why I listen to that little hippie chick from the 60’s. I mean, she hasn’t done anything since the 70’s, right? :-j

My younger son is a guitar player and I tell him that she didn’t invent open tunings, but she invented most of them. Once again, I have to admit to crazed “fandom” when it comes to Joni. She’s not the greatest musician who ever lived but she occupies a spot near the top of the list in my pea-brained pantheon of favorite artists.

Just another wonderful Canuk. :smiley:

…and she still SPEAKS Canadian, eh? :wink:

wglenn said: she didn't invent open tunings, but she invented most of them.

Perhaps she was influenced by dulcimer tunings, many of which are open (the standard is a fifth). Another popular tuning is a fifth and an octave which is good for playing in mixolydian mode. "Norwegian Wood" is in mixolydian (although some verses are dorian). A lot of rock is in mixolydian.

wglenn said: in my pea-brained pantheon of favorite artists.

Actually, she appears quite bright. :)

…that’s my pea-brain :smiley:

Of course. I purposely misread it for the sole purpose of amusing myself. :slight_smile:

When I hear the phrase, I also think of Winnie the Pooh: “I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother Me.”

Here are some links about her tunings. Really just a curiosity for most guitar players because of her unconventional approach to the instrument. Some would call it a crutch for an improperly educated musician, others a novel approach…

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@ elk: Oh bother, I missed your point. L-)

It looks like someone might be an Alton Brown fan. :slight_smile:


Sorry JP. You lost me there. :-/

Okay, so I missed my guess. Alton Brown is a chef who appears on several programs on The Food Network and The Cooking Channel - Good Eats is his cooking show - and Oh Bother is one of his pet phrases. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things food and cooking.


Alton is a Winnie the Pooh fan!