dCS Network Bridge


Has anyone looked into this or actually played (with) one?:

dCS Network Bridge

I think this looks like it could be “interesting” in combination with a PS Audio DSD DAC.



I guess they liked our product’s name enough to call their own the same as ours!

While a bit confusing in the marketplace, I suppose we’re flattered.105_gif


I’m glad you made your bridge DAC-internal and yet exchangable/upgradable. What else is an external bridge than a separate streamer needing add. cabling, base and space for no add. benefit (I’d need).


+1. I’ve thought about adding component so that I could play 2xDSD to the I2S input on the DS DAC. But I have no room for another box, and my audio rack is a mess as it is with all the cabling and network stuff. Putting the Bridge inside the DAC was a great move.