Credit to PHC1 Audioaficionados: The Imax of the 1890's

Quite by accident i came across this amazing post by PHC1
at Audioaficionado : The Imax of the 1890s on you tube

Here you go : enjoy


Very cool, thanks

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Glad you enjoyed this…I was amazed how much detail clarity
and fluid moving images that was captured back then…

Hopefully many more will enjoy these films as well!!

Thanks for sharing! Surprisingly high quality images, but then they said it was 68 mm film, no wonder! I found it amusing that the actual inventor of the 35 mm film was working for Edison and he took credit for it and patented it. When the same inventor started his own company he had to reinvent it to avoid violating the “Edison” patent.

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The surprising quality of the images is astounding to me…
that such quality was attained by such primitive technology
of the time

We enjoyed this one tonight. The high resolution shows just how far things slipped for about 100 years give or take.

Adding a link MoMa on YouTube so I can find this thread in the future.

That’s rather amazing footage.

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I recommend turning off the sound however; the uneven piano playing is annoying.

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But of course the piano is uneven…it was not recorded by Gus Skinas
at Octave Record studios :grinning:…I suppose they did the best they could though…

The playing is uneven, not the recording. The performer is all over the place with tempo and touch, exceedingly amateur.