Here are some photos from the HIFI exhibition in Hamburg Germany

All I see there is a broken link, no photos at all…

Hard to tell which post is spam or isn‘t

Welcome to my world.


The link works fine for me - there’s a huge number of photos, though many are of poor quality. PS Audio kit makes a fleeting appearance quite a long at through the slide show. Alas, no text to help identify equipment.

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It’s necessary to be logged into a Facebook account, then it works.

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It seems fine that link and I was invited to put photos up from the various fairs. The quality of photos is not always high, as I am hi-fi and not photo geek. Note: I can recognize those sweet manners from the end. Welcome to this thread. If you are unhappy dear admin, just delete the thread. It saves me a lot of trouble. So dissatisfaction with photos etc is just the meaning of the thread. If admin would like me to put 200 photos here in the thread, just write it. It’s great to see you guys again. I hope you all are doing well. More love from Denmark.

With regard to the text of various photos. Imagine that most of the 160 exhibits do not even see what they are called when taking photos of their main products - it’s stupid marketing. That’s what these photos show. If you know the different products you may want to write comments, etc. I am writing some product reviews plus I’m presenting products like PS audio sm we use on our new world-famous S 400 speaker.

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I have been to an incredible number of fairs in a short period of time. Are in Prague right now. I make some reviews etc. I market quite a lot of PS audio. I do not have much time. So admin can always delete only if what I’m doing is wrong or can not be used to anything. So just write to me at then I will delete it immediately.

Example from Copenhagen.


I think there are a lot of other people who visit Hifi fairs around the world. I’ve been thinking maybe you could do that. That a thread was made where all posts were there. I do it in some other forums that I put the list of exhibits first and users can then write what they want photos of - I’d like to do that. So just come with the idea boys and admin so it will be mindful work forums all and for a good experience for those people who have the interest. I do not have an overview of the great new forums you’ve made, so I’ve probably posted wrong now and again. I’m so sorry. One example is the batteries, I have posted there since there were others who wrote about batteries there, but that was obviously wrong. It is not easy.

Thanks, Michael!

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That’s a great shot!

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Think about if you’re doing a booth thread encourage people to send photos and not least I’m streaming live or making interviews that I put up in some forums. Encourage the people in the ps room to do the same. I saw annonce in the thread when I send and what brand, etc. Think about it and how - this is just input - Paul can easily and quickly make a video where he calls for this and gives tips on how, etc. A live thread of photos and live stream etc.then we are all invited to live and we all have a cell phone.
It was one of the news I streamed live in Hamburg lol