Critical listening skills CD?

I recently purchased this book used and the accompanying CD was missing.

Does anyone here happen to have the CD? I would gladly pay shipping both ways if you could send it to me to make a copy. It is out of print and the CD no longer available AFAICT.

Thanks in advance


I think this should be posted in the Humor forum. :grin:


I have Dave Moulton’s audio ear training course, Golden Ears. It comprises a book and 8 CDs.

It is a great deal of work, but worth it if you are truly fascinated by audio.

Moulton headed the music production and engineering department at Berklee college of music.

There are lots of copies with the CD on ebay, many quite cheap and in the USA.


I’ll look there. I must be the only person on the planet who has never used ebay.

Caveat Emptor

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Yes. I would much rather borrow one from someone in this hive

Interesting attitude Scott towards ebay. Here in the UK the vast majority of sellers are extremely honest - maybe that’s not the case in the USA.

Found one on ebay for $16.00 all in so we’ll see what shows up and when.


No worse here I am sure.

Just a much more vast pool of sellers.

It’s important to vet the sellers reputation, as with any online marketplace.

Tangentially related - “Harman’s How to Listen”
Failing this was among the first humbling experiences suggesting that self image and reality were on divergent paths. But I did save a bunch of money on gear!