Current flow through fuse in BHK pre

I just received an SR Orange fuse to try in the preamp. The directions say that current should flow from left to right as one reads the letters ‘SR’ that are printed on the fuse in normal orientation. I assume – but do not know – that current flows from the back of the fuse holder, next to the outside of the chassis, toward the interior. Is that right? Would that also be the case for other PSA products (DMP, BHK 250 amp)?

Fuse skeptics, please ignore this. I don’t know why fuses matter or why they should be directional. I’m just trying to follow directions to get the best outcome possible (and I am open to the idea that I won’t hear much if any difference). I’ll report back on what I hear.

Should be from the back to the front. Hope this helps. Keep us posted what you think about the new fuse!

Thank you!

The directions also say that the fuse is directional and the printing is not a guarantee of directionality.
I’d bet they’re just printed randomly.
So follow their instructions and listen one way, then the other. See which way sounds best.

Not quite. The sheet that came with my fuse says what I wrote in my original post, then adds that if one does not know the direction of the current flow, do it by ear. Nothing about printing not being a guarantee.

Got it!