Fuse holder current flow

We talk a lot about fuse directionality. So I want to make sure I have this straight: current flows from the inside of the component toward the fuse cap, that is, the part that faces outside. Is that correct?

This is the assumption by which I have been going, and it is how I got the best results.

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I remember James said the current flows from the back of unit towards the front on the generator from an old thread. But is the current in the fuse itself opposite?

which part of SR fuse did you put into fuse holder cap ? on DSll

I have a AM M-1 fuse in DSII. The “V” part of M is pointing towards the back of the unit.

I believe in PST and BHK pre, the “s” is inside the holder, which is the same direction with the Master in P15 now. Maybe that is why I like the sound better.

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That is absolutely correct. For safety reasons the power source is always connected to the inside of the fuse holder. It would be more dangerous to have the source on the cap side. Someone may inadvertantly get a shock when working with the fuse. I have verified this with a meter.


I was told years ago by Bob that one can assume it flows from the front to the back. I talked to an old dealer of ours not too long ago that sells fuses. He said they typically ignore the recommended direction and try it both ways to see what sounds best. I don’t have the patience to A/B fuses but certainly something to try


For the simple minded …which front to which back was he referring to?
This compadre needs help understanding :grin:

Thanks Jamesh

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Sorry, yes. From the back of the unit to the front. Generally speaking, the fuse’s arrow should point toward the front of the unit when installed.


That may have been true withe the PWT and Direcstream mk 1 but I have checked with a meter and power source is inside the external fuse holder. The load is connected to the cap side.

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If correct fuse direction must be found by experimentation in every application, why does this matter?

Agreed, I switched my new fuse five times, and I did not change my mind at all on which direction sounded right to me! Even though I could have selected :laughing: the “wrong” direction.

Hey RonP good point and you are right…but knowing the direction of flow might make
the whole process easier from the start…

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