DAC MKII running VERY warm

I wouldn’t wait. If yours gets hot and almost nobody else’s does, not to mention concerns of heating in early beta release days, wouldn’t be a tough decision for me. Get it fixed I’d say. Unless you have really wimpy hands and always find warm=hot, ha

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Here’s an update. I’ve ordered an Infrared thermometer to get accurate temp readings. My retailer is aware of my concerns and dissatisfaction with the lack of response from PSA. The local importer has been asked for assistance too. I will report back in a couple of days.


Doesn’t sound good

When you say hot what does hot mean? What is the temperature and how did you measure it?

No offense to preceding poster asking for definitions and test process, but this isn’t a science experiment and when I pay 8 large for an audio component I don’t expect to have to jump through hoops or provide remedial product testing (ordering thermometers? Seriously? This is an 8 grand component).

We’ve all owned many audio components. This isn’t a big class A ss power amp or a tube power amp. It’s a solid state source component. If OP says it gets hot, and large majority saying theirs run cool, duh, got an issue here. 3 year olds know the difference between hot and cool


Thanks kzk. You are 100% correct, this isn’t a science experiment. Where I live they are 14 large. I’m going to measure the temperature so I have an accurate figure not a judgment from the hand-meter. I have an issue with no one from PSA making a comment on the problem. I’m waiting for a response from the importer on Monday, then I will be speaking to my dealer about a replacement. I bought the MKII specifically for the I2S input to go with the SACD Transport.


I have contacted James and Paul, told them of the issue, provided them with a link to this thread and your email address, and asked them to contact you. I suspect your service request was somehow misplaced at PS Audio.

For your reference their direct emails are jamesh@psaudio.com paul@psaudio.com


PS Audio not responding to this concerning issue is not a good look.

Don’t understand why you would have such a response to a simple question. I can take you through the proper way to conduct a science experiment if you like. My question is very basic, was just trying to help with this perceived or not issue.
I spent the time to take Flir infrared temperature pictures to show the temperatures that you might see.
If you’d like to discuss this in a respectful way I’m all ears.


No disrespect, in all seriousness, but no thanks. My point was that OP has already provided more than enough info (in view of others also commenting on temp) to know it’s an issue, so why not just move to next step of getting it fixed? Perhaps the OP is interested, but he seemed to agree with me (“100% correct”). Sometimes non-face-to-face communications loses context so again, no disrespect intended.

I’m sure they’ll get it fixed. I hope OP continues to update this thread though because it’s not a minor issue, potentially

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Thanks, guys. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. They seem to be running as expected.

In internal PS Audio testing of DSD MK2 temperature, we see bank panel temperatures are typically 15C to 25C degrees above the ambient temperature (meaning, whatever surface the unit is sitting on, not the ambient air). The front panel is around 10C hotter than the surface the unit sitting on. These temperatures are considered normal. In a warm room or in a rack with other equipment, some parts of the chassis could be up to 50C.

Bottom line, it definitely runs warmer than MK1 but is completely within expected range.


Does this just come from heat inside or does it have heat sinks connected to the chassis? There’s no internal picture of the Mk II yet, right?


I’ve posted a fair number of internal pictures.

A big difference with the Mk II is that all copper layers on the boards are 2oz. copper. That’s twice as thick as the copper in the DS (and many other products.) That conducts heat pretty well. It efficiently lowers the temperature of hot components and sends the heat to the back pannel and bottom of the chassis.


Hi Guys, an update. I measured the unit case temp at between 36C and 46C with ambient temp of 23C.
My unit is currently with my dealer / distributor for evaluation. This was arranged by Paul with the local dealer. A big thank you to him and Ted for the information regarding operating temperatures. And thank you to the other contributors for their advice. I will update the thread when I get the unit back. Jeff


Thanks, that’s interesting, so the heat is more or less deducted by the connectors on the back wall.

I just remember early pictures of a red board, but not the whole unit, seems I have missed them. So this time the transformers are completely under the upper,board.

Also them transformers dissipate heat off the Analog board. When I opened the MK2 up they were fairly hot. ~50c ?

The heat spreads pretty evenly. Most of the components are designed to run under 40c but 50c is possible in a few places.


Yes it is very even. Nice work. The many mounting screws and studs dissipate heat to the bottom very well also.

I know this is an older thread, but I have some numbers that might be consistent with what you said, Ted. With my IR thermometer, the back panel of my MkI reads 96F at its hottest point, and the MkII back panel is 106F at its hottest point. Does this seem like what the difference should be, based on what you said?