DAC MKII running VERY warm

My new DSD MkII DAC is running VERY warm in “standby” and hotter when being used. Is anyone else observing this. The entire metal case is hot. Ted says it should run cool / cold. Compared to other front end components where I can see the internal temperature is in the mid 30’s the MKII is considerably hotter. The sound is excellent, but the heat concerns me.

Cheers, Jeff

If the case of a unit which has no heatsinks connected to the casework gets hot, I’d switch it off or only play open until clarified. I guess you should send it back for repair after verifying that the measured temperature is weired.

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My mk 2 is the same. I have found as it broke in it is running less warm but is still warmer than the mk 1 was.


Welcome, @jefflockwood54 !

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Maybe worth a conversation with PS A Tech Support just to be on the safe side. Feel free to PM me for a phone contact.

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Do you have a way to “accurately” get some temperature readings? I think something as simple as a resting a Thermapen onto the case in few locations might work.

Front and sides of my Mk2 playing Smashing Pumpkins Gish (for the first time in years!), mine is 80-ish degrees front and sides, but 90-99 in the back measured with a cheap infrared thermometer.

KT150s are at 249 degrees in my Primaluna Dialogue Premium mono winter amps, so no, not worried…

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Thanks everyone for your prompt replies and assistance.

The other DAC in my system says its internal running temp is 43.3 degrees C. The MKII Day feels a lot warmer than that, I’d estimate 50 degrees C on the sides and much warmer on the back. That’s a bit odd, as Ted said it would run cool. Maybe things changed.

That sounds like a problem. For example, my 50 watt class A power amp runs only 50C at the heatsinks.

If you can hold your hand on the casework surfaces it is likely not much above 40C. Any hotter usually requires you to remove your hand after a few seconds. Does sound odd that it would be “very warm”.

FWIW my Mk2 has been playing 24 hours a day, I turn the preamp and amp off when I’m not listening, since New Years and I just checked it. Barely warm on the top, front, and sides, a little warm on the back. It is in a cabinet that is open in the back and the door is partially open in the front.

Did yours run “hot” when you first got it?

I think it might have been warmer at first but never hot

Thanks! I haven’t received mine yet so just reading up to prepare myself.

Yes, I think the heat sinks in the Mk I directly measured 50C in my case and I could only touch them shortly. My Gryphon power amp at the time had near 80C at the heat sinks as far as I remember. 50C seems way too hot for a casework not directly connected to heat sinks imo.

I wonder that there’s no one from PSA dropping into this thread to avoid someone’s frying his Mk II :wink:


Interesting comment from jazznut. I only started this tread because no one from the support desk at PS had got back to me. I requested support over a week ago! So, I was looking for feedback from other users. The unit at my retailer runs warm, but mine is much warmer. If this is normal behaviour, that’s fine, but it comes as a surprise after the designer of the unit said in an earlier thread it would run cool.

IME you may need to shout to get PSA tech support!

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You can get an infrared thermometer on Amazon for $17.
Having an accurate temperature reading will make it easier for tech-support to assist you.

And for the record, my Mark2 measures 101°F at the rear of the unit.

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It only draws 25 watts, slightly less in standby.


This might shed some light on temperature.