DAC/PRE Suggestions

Hi all,
I am putting together a small system in my office. Triode (Japan) TRV-6PL running 6L6’s in triode @12wpc, ZU Audio Omen MKII, Tidal stream as only source.

I have an OPPO HA-1 that has been serving as DAC/Pre. The display has failed, instead of sending it to OPPO (they still service gear) I have decided to look at other options. Truth be told I also found the HA-1 to be a little “bright” even with the tube amp

Looking for a DAC/Pre, no need for a headphone amp but will not discount if unit has one. Needs to fit in a relatively small space witch eliminates Stellar Gain Cell (love my DSJ & P12) just wont fit. Space is 9x4x14 (w,h,d) I am well versed on the Mytek and Benchmark options and am looking for other suggestions you may have experience with.24/192 & DSD 128 is a must, MQA nice but not a deal breaker.

Looked at an exa E32 and loved it but I am really firm with a $2,000 budget. Also demo’d M2Tech Young DSD and LPS in budget, but lacked “punch” and was a little too soft on the top.

I am open to all suggestions, Thank you for taking the time to review my post and thanks in advance for any responses.


Wyred 4 Sound. Small footprint.

Were I in your shoes, the two I’d look at would be Wyred4Sound and Chord.

Both sound good to my ears and fit the bill for small footprint.

Dark horse I’d throw into the ring would be Schiit. Personally I’m not a fan of their sound, though I know a lot of folks like how their gear sounds. They don’t make a DAC/Pre, though, so you’d end up with 2 Schiit boxes.