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I just find it rich to tell someone like Paul, who has designed circuits and understands what is being used here that “your thoughts are just flimsy opinions.”

Meant no disrespect, just pointing out that the only thing that matters in the end when it comes to audio, is how it sounds. And that in my opinion determines if something is revolutionary or not.

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Thinking about what you said a little more, and you made a valid point. I’m in no position compared to Paul to determine whether or not something is revolutionary from a technical standpoint. It probably isn’t. So sorry if I came off a little condescending.

Apparently it was novel enough to get a patent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s revolutionary in a technical sense.

But again, I’m solely focused on the end result, sound quality.


Yeah, I don’t disagree with that at all - but I also know that when I read about technologies such as this, I have no baseline at all to tell if its anything, though my guess is others do. And if nothing else, its fun to talk about

That it is.

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True. Many years ago when I was involved in an “intellectual patent” at work, one of the patents that I studied was one that Gillette got for the sound that the package makes when you tear open their Mach One razor. (It was a “masculine” sound)


Much of this starts with these youtube guys hyping it all up. Look what it did for the Eversolo. Huff declared this the greatest, right up until the week he got the next greatest thing and so on. Its a pattern. I have stopped watching him for just this reason. Too much hype. Reminds me of this guy on Seinfeld.


Did they develop a different sound for the women’s razor packaging?

Don’t know. But in today’s verge of rage world we live in, I doubt if they would have even applied for the first one.

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Harley similarly tried to patent the potato, potato sound of their engines.


I thought they did patent the part that makes the potato sound?

It was actually an application to tradmark the sound. Other manufactures objected and Harley dropped the application

Nope. Can’t say I have. I think you have to go to Italy to hear it. Not sure how excited I would be to listen to the speakers. An 18”, 12”, paper cone woofer coupled to a horn tweeter? Not my cup of tea from the looks of it. But, you never know. I am sure someone would like it.

And besides, how many hundreds of systems are there I haven’t yet heard and probably never will? Probably more I haven’t heard than those I have over the past 50 years of hearing quite a number of systems.


No need to go to Italy.

There’s a U.S. dealer in California.

Plus one on Huff.

Most audio manufacturers are the same, hype up a product until they come up with the next one.

For those who are interested in the C-Wave technical background, the patent is US-11925433-B2 and you not only will find a set of interesting claims about the benefits of reverberation, but a fallacious description of PCM D/A conversion in an effort to rationalize the health benefits.

The objective scientific evidence proves that it reduces stress, which would be a healthful benefit. How much so is what hasn’t been determined.

One thing is for sure, you’ll be much less likely to throw your back out moving the light weight Maria amp around than say the 80 pound BHK 250.

Fallacious was referring to the D/A description not the conclusion. I do additionally caution to remember that correlation does not equal causation.

Yes we’ve all heard that one before.
Even though many times correlation does equal causation.