Perfectwave phonostage in the works

Paul mentioned in today’s video that Darren is working on a Perfectwave phonostage (which is between the Stellar and the BHK).

Any further design goals that can be communicated?

So let’s speculate a bit:

No dip switches, no pots for the tiny signals and amplification/termination but plug solution/factory customization or other sophisticated ideas?

Balanced in?

Separated power supply? (ah no, wouldn’t fit to the one box perfect wave design)

I guess it will have no tubes as top notch signal-noise ratio with tubes can probably only be reached at a higher price point if at all?

I feel like all of them will be solid state design. They’ll reserve the two box solution for the BHK 20k version. No dip switches for sure on either one. Pots in the back for the perfect wave version. None for the BHK version. No idea. Lol just figured I’d join the fun.

BHK will have tubes, that was communicated

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A phono stage without multiple gain and load settings is pointless and would never sell, because you would have to get a cartridge to match the gain and impedance the manufacturer chose for the phono amp.

I wouldn’t pay $2,000 for a phono amp that did not have an external power supply.

I’m with you regarding external power supply…on the other hand Darren made the Stellar quiet inspite of the internal supply it seems. Compared to the >80dB of my phonoamp the Stellar „just“ has >74 dB S/N, but I’m no expert if there are different ways to measure it.

Loading options certainly are a must, I just thought switches or pots might not be the best choice for a more expensive design.

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The Rega Aura also has an internal power supply for an expensive phono amp, but measures well. It also has nice big switches on the front. The Cyrus Signature is very highly regarded, external power and 25% cheaper than the stellar.

My Ayre phonostage is as quiet as a ghost and has no external owner supply.

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