Data Disc Playback Issue On PST

When playing an audio data disc (DVD-R) on the PST, the machine does not play the track selected.
For example, If track # 1 is selected, another track, let’s say track #7 plays even though the display shows #1 being played. I cannot select any particular track or album on the disc by selecting the correct track number. Also, tracks are not played in the proper numerical sequence.

This is a real problem if there are 36 or more tracks on the disc.
As such these discs are rendered practically useless especially when playing classical music.
Unfortunately I have 500+ audio data discs (about 1800 LPs) which are affected by this problem.

I have been making these data discs for 8 years and there was never an issue playing them back on either the PWT or the DMP.

All files are in the root folder, not a sub folder of each disc.
The audio data discs are made using Nero software.
All files are named in this fashion: track #-Track Title.wav

Has anyone in this community experienced anything like this?
I have contacted PS Audio regarding this and their engineering team is looking for a solution.
I would hate to have to return the PST as the SQ on this thing is fabulous in my opinion and SACDS and CDs play without any problems.

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It happens also when you play from a jump drive via the front panel USB port. It plays what it wants to, when it wants to.

I played a data disk for the first time last night and it didn’t play the track number I thought I had selected.
Maybe I had done something wrong but now that you mention it, I doubt if it was my mistake.

This is what I found out during early day of beta testing last year.

  1. usb/ data disk play back follows the file created time not the filename order. Basically, FIFO. - first copy in, will be first playback.

  2. also did a non scientific “response time” counting from disk start to spin to the display show track

  • Music CD. 13 tracks. 7 seconds
  • Music SACD 12 tracks 7 seconds
  • DVD+RW. 4 tracks 22 seconds
  • DVD-R. 18 tracks. 17 seconds
  • DVD+R. 32 tracks 57 seconds.

In my opinion, PST is primary designed as SACD/CD transport for DSDAC. And with Octave Music Player | PS Audio in the pipeline, supporting the music data file playback in PST is secondary.


Good info…thanks for sharing.