dBpoweramp and PerfectTunes

I’m about to buy dBpoweramp and was wondering if those here who use it have found it necessary, or even handy, to have their PerfectTUNES software too, to fix missing or incorrect metadata that dBpoweramp’s built-in PerfectMeta might not retrieve so perfectly. I ask because while not expensive in the first place, a substantial discount is available if I buy it along with dBp.

I bought the package but have never had the need to use PerfectTUNES as a standalone program. When you do the rip you can manually fill in any of the Metadata fields as needed and I have not had to go and look for any artwork so far. I haven’t done many classical rips so there may be issues there that I am unaware of…


As a side note if you use Roon you can edit the artwork associated with the album. They will have various artwork available to associate or you can use a local .jpg or .tiff image which I have had to do with some of the PSA Octave downloads (not disc rips). Mainly the “Various Artists” collections.

I run perfecttunes every once in a while to verify the status of my collection. The error reports are useful, any large collection is likely to have some rip errors.

PerfectTUNES is nice to have, but it is not necessary. The CD Ripper is what I use the most. I update the meta data and often add my own artwork. Most artwork can be found on Album Art Exchange website.

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Long time dBPoweramp fan. I played with PerfectTUNES but I didn’t care for it. I do a more hands on job with my media that involves MusicBrainz software. A whole other kettle of fish.

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