Direct Stream Memory Player not displaying album art

Hi Everyone,
First time posting here but am wondering how to get album art on my Memory Player, I have internet to it and have a SD Card in that been formatted to Fat32 I also tried NTFS with no results. This is the newer Memory player, Not original player.

Been Enjoying my BHK Gear for 6 Months and extremely happy with them.

Any Help be great. Regards Kris

Unfortunately, that service is no longer available. The meta service we used closed its doors and left us without a means of identifying the albums for those memory players still out there. With apologies.

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Thank you Paul for the information, It was nice to have but not really needed I guess.

Also Thank you for responding to one of my questions on you tube, Your right the P12 power plant is amazing, Everything sounds excellent anytime of the day! Best investment I have ever made to my system.

Kind Regards

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I cannot believe that! Not only was it a big disappointment when the playlist functionality was taken away but now no cover art look up. Come on there are other sources to pull cover art from. A very big diasppointment for sure!


The fact that they are not making any effort to connect to a different server for cover art is a bigger problem for DMP users as a DMP will not pull cover art from the SD card without communication with the cover art server. A PWT will pull stored cover art from the SD card with the internet connection removed. I have thousands of titles stored on an SD card that work fine. The big issue is since the also shut down the playlist editor I cannot ad cover art and track list info for any new disks I buy or create. A real bummer!