DCS Network Bridge + NAS vs Melco N1Z

Hi, just wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience of comparing the above 2 digital feeds into the DS.

I’ve currently got a Melco N1Z (mark 1), feeding the DS i2s via a Matrix x-spdif with UpTone Audio LPS 1.2. HDMI is Wireworld Platinum and USB is Revelation Audio.

I’m very happy with the sound, both with my files stored on the Melco and steaming via Qobuz. However, I’d love to be able to access internet radio and use Apple Airplay, without increasing the number of devices.

I have an old Synology NAS acting as a backup for the Melco and was wondering if the DCS Network Bridge, streaming music from my NAS, Qobuz, internet radio etc and using the AES input on the DS is likely to sound as good or better than the Melco/matrix combo.

Any thoughts or experience?

Many thanks, Mike.