dCS Network Bridge to DSD Snr

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I’m considering replacing my PSA Bridge II with the dCS and would like to hear anyone’s opinion as to whether they think there would be anything to gain by adding the Matrix into the mix.


dCS NB-> AES -> DSD Snr


dCS NB -> AES -> X-SPDIF2 -> i2S -> DSD Snr

Given there is conversion already in the dCS to AES I’m thinking the impact of the Matrix might be reduced but would love to hear more thoughts. Ted says the inputs on the DSD Snr are pretty agnostics and I assume the dCS has high-quality outputs.


The only digital input on the Matrix is USB. If the dCS Network Bridge does not have a USB output then the Matrix would not be of any use.

AES-EBU is a high end balanced interface the DCS does not perform conversion on it, as far as I know. Your source is not a PS Audio direct stream product, which means you miss the 100 % synergy. AES/EBU is a much cleaner source, designed for high end audio transfer, compared to USB.

Every connector cable and electronics adds to noise and distortion. AES/EBU link should be superior in your case. Side benefits (for me perhaps more important than you) it’s cheaper and less boxes to dust of every month.

That’s an excellent point re USB output, the dCS does not have it and I didn’t realize that the Matrix only had USB input - thanks for the important info.

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I agree about the upside of less boxes and cables = less expense and dusting!

I’m not clear by what you mean about non-PSA source hence less synergy though.

I guess some one is just going to have to buy and and find out, must admit I’m interested in one

I know there is at least one forum member who has a dcs bridge and has talked about it glowingly. I don’t recall who, though.

Well, the the dCS bridge is not native I2S, then then I2S is not a standardized interface. Synergy is only guaranteed if source I2S is made / designed by the same company than receiver I2S. Some companies offer I2S and in most cases it are proprietary interfaces, different connectors, even if the I2S connector is HDMI, the pins may be different, signal clock rates, energy levels in peer supply lines etc. etc.

AES/EBU is a standardized interface just 3 rugged very good contact pins, fully screened, like I said, designed for high end audio and studio applications.

I see the benefits of PS Audio’s I2S and I would certainly utilize it if my source had a 100% compatible native I2S output like the Direct Stream Media Player.

But do you honestly think the extra cables, connectors, electronic company’s/chips in the signal path are going to enhance the native AES/EBU signal. If it would require that, why would PS Audio have added the high quality (expensive) AES/EBU interface?

For USB I can imagine that cable and improvement box affiniados utilize a box and extra cable in between. I just cannot see the benefit. Put your money in a dedicated good AES/EBU cable. Be aware, although the connectors are identical, the impede fence of AES/EBU cables differ from the analog XLR cables, since you are quality minded about the connection, my recommendation would be to buy a dedicated good quality AES/EBU cable.

The benefit might be that the dcs unit introduces very little rfi into the signal path that the dcs can’t successfully filter out normally, compared to live tcp/ip interface of the bridge 2

Agreed re the extra cables etc and I don’t think the extra cables etc would enhance AES, that was in my original post. Next question - have a recommendation for an excellent digital XLR cable?

Do you mean ‘that the dcs can filter out’?

I bought Atlas Cable, scottish very high regarded brand, excellent price performance ratio, dCS - Direct Stream match would be:
Atlas Mavros AES/EBU:
Atlas Mavros AES/EBU

Price level 2018:
0.50m € 365,00
0.75m € 410,00
1.00m € 455,00
1.50m € 545,00
2.00m € 635,00
3.00m € 815,00

I do not work for them, neither do I have any relation, but even the Element series (bottom of their line) is very very good with my Stellar Gain Cell DAC and I have 5m distance between my iMac and the SGCD, just their USB and it sounds fantastic, no noise, hiss or anything els just dynamic listening without fatigue.

Gotta stay British with the dCS Bridge, just being a snub :wink:

That as well, yes

Belkin BAV XLR (Belden 2468):


You may find this earlier thread useful:

Thanks - I currently use the Gen 2 4x4 interconnects and love them.

As a transplanted Brit I totally know where you’re coming from :smile:

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Thanks @davidl - that was indeed useful.

Iconoclast UPOCC Gen II. They are outstanding.

I don’t believe the Gen 2 are meant for digital use. Gen 1 and BAV only.