Dectec IsoZone selection

Hi all. New here, and have a question for which products I should plug into which Isozone on my new Dectec.

I have the following devices to power:

1. Bryston 9B-SST

2. Pioneer 6020 plasma TV

3. Theta Casablanca

4. Oppo Blu Ray player

5. Apple TV

6. Western Digital HDD (connected to Oppo)

7. Comcast cable box

8. Music Fidelity Phono preamp

9. Rega turntable.

Right now, I have the Bryston and Pioneer plasma in the high current zone. I have the Theta, oppo, HDD, and the Apple TV in one Isozone, and the Rega, phono preamp, and Comcast box on the other.

Is this ideal?

Also, my amp dealer told me that the Bryston should go straight into the wall. What do you think about that?

Maybe. I would try the Theta in zone 2 with the phono and TT and put the Comcast box in zone 1 with the other video stuff.

Just a guess… :slight_smile:


As long as you separate digital from analog you are on the right track.

Do the amp last once you have gotten used to the sound and Dectet is burned in a bit.

You could plug a light bulb in the HC outlet for now or use it for the amp and then remove the amp after 100 hours of use for comparison to the wall outlet.

Sometimes it is easier to notice differences when you remove a tweak then when adding a new one.

It’s an olde cable salesman ploy.