Dectet v Powerquest 3

PSA Gurus:
I’m considering either the PSA Dectet or the Audioquest Powerquest 3 as the protection/conditioner for my secondary (bedroom) music system.

The Dectet is $500 vs the PQ3 $300, and I’m wondering if it is worth the extra $$ over the PQ3? They seem to serve similar purposes and be similarly equipped. Has anyone compared them and willing to share findings?

System will be Cambridge Edge W amp with 851n preamp streamer/dac, and Spendor A7 speakers with mid level REL sub. For a relatively modest system of this level I can’t justify spending more than the $300-500 on protection/conditioning at this time, and lower is preferred.

So anybody got experience or opinions on this choice between dectet and PQ3? Thanks in advance.

PS - what is story behind “dectet” name? There must be one but not intuitively obvious, at least to me. It’s an interesting name, but what does it mean or stand for?

DUET = 2 pairs of outlets
DECTET = 10 pairs of outlets

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The US Dectet has 10 outlets, not 10 pairs. The Duet did have two pairs. The naming is not exactly consistent.

Thanks. Doh, I didn’t notice the prefix and the 10 outlet factor.

Anybody got good things or bad things to say about Dectet or PQ3?

I have a Dectet running my system that has a Roon Nucleus, DSJ, BHK preamp, M700’s and passive speakers. I like it. There is no room for anything else in that system. It was a nice improvement over plugging straight into the wall.
My Modem, router, NAS, AVR, TV plugged into another Dectet. They are better than being plugged into a power strip plugged into the wall. The TV picture was noticeably better. Of course YMMV.
I have a P12 ahead of my other system that has a Nucleus+, Matrix converter, DSD, BHK pre, Cisco switch, 2 SBooster power supplies plugged into it . It was worth the extra money and I would buy a regenerator over any other source if you have the money.


What did you buy finally?

A Richard Gray Power Company RG 400 Pro

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interesting, how much did it cost u?

Maybe around 700, got it from my local dealer. Was a long time ago, don’t remember exactly

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