Dectet vs EMI noise meter readings

I’m wondering if there are any difference between zone 1 and 2 of the Dectet power center. Out of curiosity I borrowed an EMI meter that I plug into the socket in question, it will provide a reading in mV and an audible noise through the built in speaker.

When I plug the meter in a wall A/C outlet the reading is in the region of 800-850 mV, when I take the reading from Zone 1 it reads in the region of 500s. But strangely I get a reading in the 800s when I plug it in zone 2. Hence my question is there a difference in circuitry between the two iso-zones?

It’s not particularly problematic for me as I only have a streamer/ and a pair of active speakers. I can just keep them all powered through high-current and zone-1.

I have seen those piggyback devices that seems to magically lower the readings from the emi meter. I’m wondering if they are useful, and if they are, should it be plugged to a neighbouring wall AC outlet, or directly to a iso-zone that needs treating?

Thank you in advance for any kind help!!

Nope. They are essentially identical but because each has its own home run wiring path there’s a likely chance each will measure slightly different.

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Thank Paul for your heads up! Is the EMI meter a good indicator for the quality of A/C power? My reading through zone2 is literally identical to what comes direct from the wall. Again it’s just out of curiosity as zone 2 is not in use.

Thanks again :slight_smile: