In praise of my Dectet

I use one in my upstairs system. Yesterday I decided to play for a bit with my Entec line noise meter… for those who don’t have one, basically, you plug it in to an outlet and set the knob so that the noise readout is about 100 (it’s a bit hard to be precise but you can get close.) Then you move the plug to a filtered outlet and see/hear whether there is a difference. Plugged into my Dectet (same circuit of course) noise went from 100 to about 7. YMMV but I was quite impressed!!

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That’s cool

How did the change manifest sonically?

All the languages everyone sang is changed to French.


I greatly doubt that I will bother to fish the dectet out of there and put in a plastic fantastic cheapo power strip to compare sonically. I run my tupe amp there (Berning) thru an APC power regulator so there’s that additional factor too. Let’s say that removing the noise at whatever frequencies the Dectet operates at is unlikely to hurt. :slight_smile:

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