Dectet with BHK 250?

Dearest BHK owners!
I’d like to upgrade the AC power support for my beloved BHK 250. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if the PSA Dectet power center is a good match?
Any experience with this combo? Or other suggestions?

I already have quality power cables, but can’t afford the power regenerators atm…
…looking for a beautiful <1,5K$ power conditioner/strip match. Thanks so much!

Currently, I power my system with an HMS Energia powerstrip.
And run my BHK250 together with a Japanese LEBEN tube-preamp, powering INFINITY Renaissance 90 speakers. :slight_smile:

Warm regards from Berlin, Germany!

It’s a bit of a cost benefit analysis. You’ll be feeding the BHK250 cleaner power with less high frequency noise, but at the cost of slightly higher resistance on the output. If you have pretty noisy power, the better power definitely outweighs the resistance. If it’s not bad though, I’d hold off for a power regenerator because the 250s really like the regulated voltage and lower output impedance.


Thanks for your helpful reply, James. This is very interesting.
It’s hard to say how noisy our downtown city power actually is.
I can only assume that it’s relatively high, given our apartment is on the last floor, in a house shared with many others.

How does higher output impedance affect the 250s, sound-performance wise?

just found this:

…but this is more related to signal chain resistance, rather than AC power delivery.
I understand how it affects the chain source-preamp-amp, not quite yet what role the quality of AC power plays here.
Maybe AC power quality can also affect the impendence output the BHKs deliver to speakers? Thanks.

Apartment buildings can certainly be quite noisy. In truth, I tend to like the Dectet for source equipment. They tend to be a more static load, so the resistance doesn’t matter as much. Because the amp can need to pull a lot of juice when playing a dynamic passage, I either prefer it into the wall or a regenerator. If there is a big choke on the output power, it can kill the dynamics in the system. This is why so many amp manufacturers say to plug their amps straight into the wall and not into a conditioner.


Ahh, got it and that makes sense. Thank you! :slight_smile: