Dedicated 20 amp circuit. 10/2 or 10/3?

Dedicated 20 amp circuit. 10/2 or 10/3? I’m looking for the quietest noise floor possible.

Welcome the to forum. 10/3 is code. I would not suggest to drop the ground which is what I believe 10/2 is. 10/3 and if budget allows add a grounding system from someone like Puritan to lower the noise.

10/2 has ground.

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Thats right. I always think the 2 includes the ground when it does not. But my suggestion of the puritan grounding device still stands IMO.

10/2 is all you need for one circuit. It wouldn’t make any difference in noise if you got 10/3 with the extra wire that would be doing nothing unless you want 2 curcuits. But If you want 2 circuits, then running two 10/2’s would be better since then you can have two dedicated grounds and not share the neutral which will help with lowering noise.


I’ll install 10/2 for each amp, and 12/2 for preamp, streamer, dac etc.

Just a thought, as long as you are opening your wallet and considering 3 dedicated runs, you may want to opt for 3 THHN 10 awg in conduit for both amplifier runs, and 3 THHN 12 awg runs for the preamp/source(s).

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What is the advantage?

I just did three 20 amp dedicated runs (sources, left amp, right amp) with 10/2with ground Romex but if I had it to do again I would make an extension to a dedicated 60 amp sub panel in the stereo room. Then branch circuits from that panel. I think the end result would about the same money and a better system overall. Maybe.

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Shielding offered by the conduit.

Depending on the run and overall configuration a sub-panel could be a good option. Nothing wrong with romex, but conduit can offer better protection for the wires and shielding as it is grounded at the distribution panel. What outlets are you planning on using?

I used some high grip Hubbell 20 amp outlets but I have forgotten the part number. (~$35 each if I remember correctly)
I used them in the last house too. I am not interested in going down the fancy outlet road. :grin:

I also use Hubbell high grip 20 amp hospital grade outlets, model HBL8300RED. Various color options available. I do recommend staying far and clear of tamper proof outlets, as they are a PITA and offer poor grip.

Hubbell 20 Amp

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And they only work once. Then fail miserably. No bueno.

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I love that idea!!!

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