Degritter notes from Estonia

For anyone considering a Degritter:
I mentioned previously that my Degritter leaks. It happens only when the water tank is full. Apparently, when it’s full, there’s enough head pressure on the o-ring interface that a small amount trickles past it.
I wrote to Degritter and they responded same day. After some discussion, they sent me two new o-rings (and a complimentary pkg of filters). This was shipped via UPS and arrived today—next day—from Estonia! It was a hoot following shipment progress; Sweden, Germany, my little slice of heaven.
I agreed to try just changing the o-ring. But if it still leaks, they promised to send me a new machine.
pritty-pritty-pritty good.


Not quite as efficient but it looking like 3 days for a delivery from Italy to Buffalo including passing through customs, not bad


Try some Dow Corning 111 or similar silicone grease on the o-ring(s). It should do the trick


Parker Fluid Power 884 is another…


I have never used the Parker version but I am sure it’s just as good. I have used the Dow version since the mid '70’s

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If you can find out the “dash” number or size of the oring you may be able to find them in a softer rubber compound. The standard is BN70 (70 durometer Buna N rubber) but many times you can find them in much softer -50, -55 or -60 rubber compounds or even silicone. The softer compounds work very well in low pressure static applications.

Thanks Vern. They sent me two that are quite pliable. The original was stiff and brittle, as expected with this type of failure.
Anywayz, the new one is doing the job perfectly----so far.

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Great news. We have and use a lot of o-rings for various applications at the shop. I probably have 200 or more sizes, shapes, and compounds in inventory.
Always glad to help.

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Follow-up from Degritter: “we are happy that the new o-ring solved the problem but we would like your permission to exchange yours for a new machine at no cost to you, thru your dealer” (Music Direct).
20 minutes later, I got a no-charge order notice from MD.
This is exactly how the company that I retired from treated our customers, which along with our technology, enabled us to dominate our market against a dozen competitors for the 25 years that I was there.


Great end to the story. I am thinking they want to analyze the issue using your unit as the mule. Customer service always guarantees your future as a company.