Thanks Paul and Marcus.


My PWT experienced a little glitch and is on its way to Boulder for the Spa treatment. Thank you for the quick reply and hopefully it’s nothing serious. First class customer service.

Cheers, :)>-



Welcome Home!


Yep great to see you here again. I have missed your input on the discussions around here!


Hey Blue Knight! Welcome back.


What is the issue with your PWT?

There have been fortunately few reports of issues with the PWT. Mine is happily chugging along at this very moment.


I thought BK had been abducted by the UPS girl.


Thanks for all the warm welcome. :-h

@Elk: It started when a CD had problem loading then skipped/locked. Then I noticed a white dotted line across the LCD screen. The loading problem was intermittent but the line remained. The display on/off from the remote would cause the track to stop and return to track 1.

That’s all I needed that day…The UPS girl called me and she’s pregnant and my wife left with the resonator…I need a beer.


I hope your wife and the UPS girl will be happy together.


Odd problem.

A horizontal white line on a display is generally caused by the failure of a pixel, but everything else would operate normally. Please let us know what you learn.


You can see the dotted line across the top.

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Welcome back blueknight, I too have missed your presence here. Where have you been hiding anyway? Sorry to hear about the PWT problems, and I hope that turnaround is quick.



Hey Bluenight,

Glad you are back.



Wow! The return of mirth to the forum. Have enjoyed your posts in the past and glad to see you have surfaced.