Dick Sequerra OBM

I thought some folks here might want to know. I just spotted this obit. I met Dick 3-4 times in person in about 1989, and bought a pair of his Met 7 Mk II’s, which I still own, and am listening to them right now in my office. I also own a pair of the original Met 7’s and 2 extra pairs of Mk II’s, along with an 8W subwoofer which i inexplicably sold some years back. Dick was gracious, very interested in hearing about my own work at the time, accomodating, opinionated as hell, and could be a bit crusty. But he did not steer me wrong, and I knew I was standing in the lab of a true genius. My Met 7 Mk. II’s are 33 years old now, and I have tried other speakers in my office setup more than a few times, but in the end, they have stayed there all this time and I feel no need to replace them. Among their many sonic virtues, they are also an easy load and crazily efficient for small bookshelves, which I think he accomplished by running the woofers full-range and just a cap on the tweeter. (For anyone looking to score a used pair, the MK ii’s are quite a bit more efficient than the originals, go down somewhat lower, and according to Dick, deliver a lot more info thru the midrange. They are harder to find than the originals but you do see them on ebay from time to time.) May his memory be a blessing for all music lovers! https://www.showbiz411.com/2022/02/06/belated-obit-dick-sequerra-genius-of-audio-hifi-died-last-october-at-age-92-made-marantz-a-household-name


Thanks for sharing - my dad had the Met 7 MkII / 8W Sub for long time - as I was in high school all the way until recently when he moved to earphones only due to hearing loss - I really enjoyed them and worked well as a sat / sub.

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The 8W took a lot of heat because it was crossed over at I think 150hz, which was kinda high, but it always sounded pretty good to me nonetheless. Anyway my Mk. II’s haven’t been my main speakers in a very long time, but I am not sure I don’t get more pleasure out of them than my “big” ones.

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