Don't tell anyone I have not sold it yet

A life time ago I owned Levinson pre and Levinson 436 mono’s connected to B&W Nautilus 802’s. I loved it. Now getting closer to retirement I wanted a system again. I got a pair of Sonus Faber Nova V’s and naturally I ordered a ML 585 Integrated. I hated the sound and would rarely listen to the system. I always assumed that the Sonus Faber’s were to blame. Well the usb input died on the 585 and knowing it would be away for a while I started looking. I found that The Music Room had a DS Mk1 refurb on sale for sub 2k and they also had an old Mark Levinson 432 (800w dual mono into 4 ohms) for a few hundred over 3k. I took the plunge and I have had the new (used) system playing for about a week now. First I would like the say thank you to ps audio, To Sonus Faber I would like to apologize. The System sounds very close to what i remember and you know how those good memories get colored over time. I am so thrilled to have the MK1 and the amp, I am not sure which part of the 585 is responsible for the bright / Harsh / Listener Fatigue that i was experiencing but its gone now. If Paul is right it must be the amp section (see Paul we do listen). Either way the 585 is going in the shop for repair and it will be sold upon its return. Keep this post on the down low until i get the 585 sold and thanks again Paul and Co. for bringing back my joy of music


Welcome to the forum @LRoss78550 ! Glad you’re enjoying the MKI. And more importantly I’m glad you’re enjoying your whole system. Happy Retirement!


Your experience with the ML 585 mirrors mine. I had auditioned it with Focal Sopra 2 speakers, and the sound didn’t move me.
BTW, welcome to the forum.

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