Threw this together just now out of stuff in my attic :)

Sometimes… ya wanna just do things simply and cheaply, and there is a certain joy in scrounging/improvising. So here it is:

PS Audio Elite Plus integrated, bought here dead for under $75 and repaired/reconditioned with new caps, etc

Sequerra Met 7 MK II’s, bought new from Dick himself for $350 back in about 1990 (I have new foam grilles coming in the mail)

Interconnects are Monster Reference A, Speaker cables are no-name 12AWG CL2

Server is my wife’s old Dell e6400 laptop running Win 8 and J River, DAC is an Audioquest Dragonfly (i also have an ifi nano iDSD, will try it with that too)

Tuner is a Dynaco FM5 modified by Frank Van Alstine, connected to a good attic antenna

The tube amp is my old Heathkit A7 that I’ve had since I was about 11 - strictly for decoration at the moment but it works fine

… and lastly, the object between the amp and speaker is quartz with dolomite from Cavnic, Rumania. Great for breaking up standing waves. :)

I will mount the Sequerras somewhere else at some point - this was a quick n’ dirty setup.

BTW the Elite is a great piece, I may try it as a preamp with my Berning ea-230’s. Sounds great, all controls work and are non-scratchy. Maybe I’ll spring for new knobs for it like the ones in the Sprout, and if I really want to live on the edge, I may go for some Home Depot extension cord as speaker cables. (I actually do have a spare set of Analysis Plus cables, but they are kinda long and stiff for this…)

Does it sound like my main rig? Nah. :) But somehow it satisfies me to no end!


BTW… in case anybody wants to know… Dick wired the Met 7 MK II’s (and possibly subsequent versions as well) with Mogami Neglex 2534 as their internal cabling and swore by it as speaker cable. It can still be had for around $1/foot, and if you are feeling flush you can even use two runs for each speaker.

Very cool. Nice nostalgic value.

The Met 7’s btw are not to be sneezed at and are capable of delivering amazing sound, though obviously they are limited in the low end. But I could plug them right into my current main system and still be extremely happy.