Did IIIIIIIII do that?


No, I did not, but I’m betting it was PS Audio!

From the J River forum-

A Big Corporate Sale

A large U.S. corporation recently standardized on JRiver Media Center and bought 10,500 licenses. We welcome opportunities to bid on similar purchases.


clue… home automation…

clue..... home automation....

You have knowledge of such licenses? Confucious say- Please share.


I don’t think Paul ever said anything about PWD owners getting a free copy of JRMC (but I could have forgotten). Would be nice though. And also good marketing. And customer relations. >:)


It should all be out by the end of the week.



Of course, I have already purchased PC and Mac licenses from JRiver so it may be academic to me. Since we’re starting rumors, though, could this possibly involve a custom version of JRMC for the PWD? With Wavestream built-in maybe? (Feel free to remain silent G. Don’t want to put you on the spot.) We will eagerly await developments.


Yeah Stevem2, I really like that idea!!!


Me too - see my post about JRemote as well - adding a few of the elyric app functionality would make me happier than a pig in …