Did the Bridge II come with an SD card?

I can’t remember. Was there some sort of SD card that had FW that needed to be installed before the DAC MkI would recognize the B II? My mind is blank on this.

Yes, there was an SD card. It is described in the manual.

Hmm. I can’t seem to find mine, then. I wonder if it’s downloadable?

Check the firmware archive. If it’s not there, I’m sure the guys at PSA could send you the files.

Answer from PS Audio.
Yes for cover art. Firmware is upgraded via the internet connection. The Bridge won’t show until you get a valid network connection.

I can’t find that old SD card. @jamesh, is there a way to get this via email or download?

No, Bridge wasn’t updated with the SD card. If it has an older version of code, you can update it through the GUI on the DAC within the Bridge menu or you can initiate the update with MConnect. Shouldn’t need an SD card in order for the DAC to recognize the DAC.

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Thanks James, but will a new user of the B II still need it for their own MkI? I did the SD card part back in the day when I installed my B II in my old DS MkI, but I have a pending buyer who never had one installed in their own MkI. Won’t they need that SD card?

No, it should be plug and play for them. As long as their DAC has one of the last mountain top FWs, the Bridge should start talking to the DAC without any SD card needed.