Directstream DAC + Bridge II. Problem

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask if someone could help me out ?

I have just moved from using a Bryston BDP 1 Player and BDA2 DAC .

Bought a Directstream DAC a few days ago and put in a Bridge II .

The Bridge II is recognised by the DAC OK and it shows up with all information on the front screen of DAC on the Bridge input. The Bridge also shows up on my home network. The network lights on the bridge seem to flashing away too.

I have downloaded a few different Apps from looking at discussions on here ( including PS Audio Connect) but none of them seem to see the Bridge II.

I can’t see anything in the manual. Is there a setting or simple fix somewhere that I’m missing ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



Try this (the free version):

Roon, Qobuz and Tidal apps all work as well.

PSA does not have or support a PSA-specific app currently.


Thanks. I will have a go now.


Found it straight away ! Thank You.


You are welcome.

I hope it works well for you.

Thanks for the help Scott!

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You can always reach out to us by phone. TJ is our best at networking.

The MConnect app is a good one and if you can see the Bridge on the network it should be seen by the app.

How is it you see the Bridge on the network? Via your computer?

Hi All,

All working well now… just sat down and pressed pressed play on first track as I opened up the forum App ! All working well now.

Btw, Also been in the loft to get my CD collection out . Have been rediscovering them after a few years. I had collected around 1000 + CDs. I purchased a used PS Audio Perfectwave transport a week or so ago. CD is not dead as a format as far as I am concerned. Most sound bloody great !

Hi Paul, I was seeing the Bridge 1 on my iPad. I just put in the Bridge 2 card last night and am playing the DAC straight into two Mark Levinson 331 bridged power amps via xlr.

Based in Birmingham, UK so the phone isn’t ideal.

I also have a PowerPlant 5 . Only problem is that the Volume down button on the Apple TV remote control also shuts powerplant off ! (Must use same IR code by chance) . I had thought that powerplant was faulty initially and was about to send it off for repair…

Anyway, I must commend you all on some great products and excellent aftercare!