Direcstream USB & Optical

Hello everybody. I have been mostly using I2S input(MATRIX) but when I tried other inputs like optical and USB doesn’t want to handshake neither with the matrix not TV and PC respectively. Any advice? I have try restarting the DS without any inputs connected.

ONLY I2S seems to be working


The optical input will only show that’s it’s active if you’re actually sending it an active audio signal. Otherwise, even though it’s properly connected to the source, will appear it’s not working properly. It will be red instead of green.

For USB, what operating system are you using? If you’re running Windows, depending on how old it is, you may need to install a driver first. Windows 10 should work without the need for you to manually install it.

Seegs is right. You may have to dig into the TV settings and make sure you’re sending a stereo signal. Also, if you’re using a Windows machine, you’ll need to download our USB driver for it.

Also check to see that your TV is outputing PCM. Some default to dolby or other formats

Yes the optical works perfectly fine. It was the cable that wasn’t doing a proper connection.

Now is the usb that never turns green.