Direct Stream USB crackling.... some questions

Every once in a while, I will start a new track and it will get some crackling… rarely but it is happening more lately. I recognize the distortion as when I had a bad rip from one of my CDs, but these tracks are clean… just happened on one of my CD rips to FLAC 16/44.1. PC running foobar, latest version. The crackle is not at the start per say, but while the track plays.

I suspect the USB interface is causing this issue… is this true? If so or not, is there a test or two I can do? The unit sounds great except for this crackling every once in a while.

I am re-booting the unit to get it to re-sync which seems to help but it is rare… once every week or so.

I am using a very very long, out-of-spec USB cable with a repeater in it to get from my computer at my desk to the DAC at the other side of the room.

Bruce in Philly

Get A Wyred4Sound Recovery and put it in front of your DAC input they are inexpensive and will isolate the power reclock the signal and improve the sound.