Directstream dac Mk1and external power supply

It has been said that with the Jkrichards transformers upgrade and VOCM upgrade that the external power supply does not sound better. I am using a Keces P3 power supply for my power supply which powers the analog power board. Any thoughts?

In my system, I feel like the external PSU for analog board still makes a significant difference even with the APS transformers and VOCM mod done.

What size capacitors did you install for VOCM? I went with the originally-suggested 47µF but Jeff uses 220µF when he does the upgrades. I have to wonder whether it’s those additional reserves which make the difference such that Jeff says the external PSU isn’t effective… but he apparently doesn’t think so.

Do you want to remove the Keces from your setup, or are you just being curious?

I’m just being curious. I wonder if my Keces power supply allows me the sonic benefits of my power cable and my pure silver custom Neotech DC cable. I am really enjoying my MK1 dac.