DirectStream DAC MkI SACD Start Noise

Just took advantage of the DS Mk1 close out deal to upgrade from my SGCD. I have been using its I2S input with my Oppo 105 and a HDMI-I2S convertor quite successfully for a few years. After inserting the DS DAC I get a transient noise only when starting up SACDs from Stop. CDs are noise-free and both work fine from Pause. Has this been observed (I did a search)? Any ideas on a fix? This does not happen on my SGCD.


It seems like your CD player is making noise on the line when it starts up.

I think that brief burst is consistent with the MKI’s behavior with “DSD”/.dsf files; either at startup of an SACD or when switching from a lesser resolution to DSD/.dsf when streaming files of different resolutions.

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Thanks for the response, but since this doesn’t happen when connected to my SGCD through the same input, I don’t see that as a possibility.

I have not heard that (pun intended). Perhaps, @tedsmith can confirm that this is normal for the Mk1.

I confirm. I have a DS DAC and a DirectStream Memory Player and every time I play a SACD there is a nagging crackling sound.
Maybe together we can get help from PS Audio.

I won’t give up my DSD DAC, it sounds great - I completely modified the power supply in the digital and analog circuits, installed Lundahl transformers, and behind them are buffers with Sparkos SS3602 amplifiers.