Does Memory Player output DSD to non-PS Audio DAC?

Will the Memory Player output DSD to any DAC, such as my Bryston BDA3 (with 4 HDMI inputs) or is it restricted to PS Audio DACs?


Requires a PS Audio DAC for DSD.

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I believe there are some other DACs that use HDMI to carry the I2S signal, that have the required handshake, but Bryston isn’t one of them.

The BDA3’s HDMI inputs are real HDMI inputs. A good example is the Oppo players that output HDMI, meant to be used with a HT processor, that then sends the video part of the HDMI signal to your TV.
You need an Oppo, or a Blu-ray, DVD player, or a universal player that has a HDMI output.
If you aren’t sure it is the correct player, check with your dealer or Bryston.