DirectStream Jr Fuse Size

Can someone tell me the spec (specifically the size) IE 1.5A Slow Blow 250V 5x20mm. Thank you

My recollection is 5x20mm 1amp slow blow.

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Thanks Elk

Hello - Does anyone know the current directional flow in the DS Jr fuse holder? Front > Back or Back >Front?

Thank you

Try it both ways and use the one you like best - if you can’t hear a difference it doesn’t matter.

Equal current flows both ways thru the fuse in units with full wave bridges in their power supplies (which the DS and DS Jr have.) There is a net flow of power from the wall to the unit, but I don’t know how that would correlate with the intent of the phrase “current directional flow”. If you are asking which end is connected to the outside of the box and which is connected to the board just follow the wires (boxes aren’t necessarily wired identically.)

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Thanks Ted