Fuse question - what fuse for DSD Jr.?

I need to replace the fuse in my DSD Junior, but the marks on the fuse are so faint I am not sure I read them correctly. Is the value just 250mA??

I am in EU so it is 230V in the grid.

Check the operators manual that came with your DAC it should state the fuse values. I do not have a DSD JR so i can’t tell you the value but I am sure it is not 230ma.

On the back of the unit, the values are printed just above the fuse holder

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I checked the manual online and see that for 120 volts the fuse is 1.6 amp for 230 volts it is 1 amp. they are both slow blow type H

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Thank you guys. Did not see the the sign on the back and could not find it in the manual. All my bad!

All good now :slightly_smiling_face:

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