DirectStream JR input connections

Brand new owner of DSD JR here. Is it ok to have several inputs connected at the same time - usb to laptop, rca to CD player, etc?

That is not an issue. You can have multiple DSJ inputs connected.

Suggestion: If you have Bridge 2 firmware 3.5.1, DO NOT upgrade it to 3.6.17. 3.6.17 has some issues, and many users have rolled back to 3.5.1. Enjoy your DSJ. I love mine.

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Thank you, sir!

Check out the manual on the PS Audio site. You may want to chose the “auto” input setting (6 i think). This will select whatever input is playing music.

I wondered what AUTO was, but hadn’t read about it yet. Awesome feature!



Certainly give Auto (6) a try, but I found it was better for me to select the actual input I wanted to listen to, (I even have my TV hooked to the DAC). During gaps in playback, you may pick up the tv audio, or another source if in play.

Hi Geno. Congrats on getting a DSJ! I use the Bridge II for streaming, RCA for the CD player, and Toslink for DVD/television. I’ve used the auto input selector in the past, but find it’s just as easy to pick the input I’m using. And FWIW, I am a fan of the latest Bridge update, though as you can tell it has caused issues for some people.


I also have the latest bridge update and it is working fine. There was an issue with one of the DAC Snowmass upgrades causing some bridge issues but the latest version of both DAC and bridge software are playing nicely here.


Hopefully you can answer this. Did Snowmass firmware update 2.01 for DSJ resolve the problems users were having with pops, noises, etc at the end of tracks with Bridge 2 firmware 3.6.17. OR does the problem still exist? Thanks.

Hi netspecht-2,

Our engineering team is aware of some issues regarding artifacts in playback over the network.
Some of these are caused by DSD playback and some others from MQA unfolded files at 96kHz-192kHz.
The trouble is that they are intermittent and difficult to track down.
As well they do not seem to happen to all Bridge II’s in the field.
The message I was given is that our Engineering team is looking into all of these issues and working on a solution.
For now they are recommending that you make sure that you are fully updated to the most current version firmware.

I wanted to let you know that I will be transferring to a new, non-customer facing role here at PS Audio.
As such my response time to queries will be much more than 24 hours.
I wanted to let you know that our new Customer Service Manager Mark Simpson can be reached at:

He will be happy to assist you with anything you nay need moving forward.

And as always you can feel free to reach out to

Take care and kind wishes,

  • Jeremy
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How does one roll back the Bridge software? I have been using 3.6.17 for a few days now (without seeing issues).

If you don’t have any issues, Leave it be. The rollback require a PC, and software PS Audio furnishes. If it were presenting the problems I and other users experienced, you’d know it.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I have had the DSD Jr. for a few days now and I am totally thrilled with it.
Thanks again!

Hey Jeremy, thanks for your help and I’m sure many others feel the same way. Good luck in the new position and hopefully we’ll run into each other again next time I visit the mothership!