DS Dac and Jriver 21

Jriver recognizes my dac it start to play 1 sec to 5 sec and starts all over again. Can anyone help me with this problem. I’ve being have this problem for least a week. tks

Is there some reason you are using JRiver MC 21 instead of 20? 21 is near the beginning of it’s work cycle and is raw in a few areas. JRiver recommends version 20 if you don’t want to experiment and it is much more solid and there are a lot more people here that will have suggestions.

Are you using USB, the bridge, something else for the connection to the DAC?

I.m using a bridge. My dac is hard wired to my router as is my computer. I’m running windows 10 and I had Jriver 18 before. I also use my Ipad for a remote.

I’m not an active bridge user so I hope someone else can help there. But I do think you are better off with 20 than 21, 20 is pretty solid. There are a fair number of threads about JRiver and the bridge, in particular this post and some others by the asmco15 in that same thread might be relevant to your problem: http://www.psaudio.com/forum/latest-ps-audio-news/bridge-ii-reviews/page-4/#p47882

I agree with Ted that JRMC 20 is a better option for now.

Uninstall 21 and get the latest 20.

This may solve the problem. if not, do a cold boot of router, PC and DS [turn on in that order] and check your settings against the one in PSA support [from me] and if needed then the one from asmco15. I believe his settings may have addressed different issues.


FWIW I also noticed that sometimes JR seer “Bridge2” and other times it sees the generic CDMCM-210 mconnect receiver. Seems to make no difference in functionality but just in case it is a clue regarding the handshakes and maintaining a solid connection.

Yeah i probably should have held back on going to 21, but it is working OK for me so far. I did however experience the issue Gordon mentioned just yesterday (Bridge II again appearing in J River as CDMCM-210.) Which I had not seen for a while.

I have seen this too. It seem to only be jRiver that has this issue, if I look at it with foobar or something else it show bridgeII like it is supposed to. Even with the module program it shows correct. So I am still trying to figure this out.


FWIW it corrected itself automagically… I swear I did nothing to either cause it or fix it. Anyway it’s not a big issue obviously, I just happened to notice it.

This maybe more then just a JRiver issue. When I first installed Bridge II this happened a couple times during my experiments. Using Fing, I noticed it showed up on the network as two devices: each assigned its own IP by the DHCP server.

most probably the B2 setting was dynamic ip and it changed but left the old one in memory. one node cannot have 2 active IPS unless I am out to lunch.

The JRMC name only happened after going to 21 and back to 20.

Dennis, if the B2 misses a “who am I” broadcast or is too slow can JR just pick up the generic device name? It does seem to take JR extra time to acknowledge the Bridge.

Maybe the JR “who are you” is schitzo?

If Jriver misses the Bridge II initial “I am Here” message. You can right click on “Playing Now” and press the “Refresh Dynamic Entries” option and jRiver will recheck for devices.


I know it’s crazy but not only did the Bridge II show up with two IPs, there were different MAC addresses. I know because I use to enter the MAC address into my Airport Extreme as a method of assigning a static IP. After a re-boot, not only did the name change but so did the MAC address!!

So… is it possible that B2 generic receiver and B2 “hello” can broadcast two Mac addresses. Only the D man can answer that puzzle, me thinks.

Not that I know of. Maybe there is a hardware problem with his bridge. The MAC address should be hardcoded.


I think I have found a way to make Bridge II difficult for JRiver to discover. Log out of windows as your current user, log in as another user, then log back in as the original user. Under this scenario, Bridge II takes several minutes to be discovered. “Refresh Dynamic Entries” does not seem to force a discovery. Might help when trying to duplicate the problem.

I thank everyone for their input. I have gone to mc 20. I have also had my internet provider check my router modem. I can play my music for about 10 mins. Then then there is a massage Important: There was a problem controlling the selected DLNA device. Double-check your device server, and network settings. This only happens when I use Jriver.

I’ve been using JRIVER 21 for about a month now, with my DirectStream with absolutely no issues whatsoever. USB from PC, straight to the DirectStream, has worked flawlessly with any version of JRIVER I’ve used, 19 - 21 with this equipment.