DirectStream Jr auto input switching and track display help


Just added a CD transport (Cambridge CXC) to my system. Coax from CXC to DSJ, DSJ to SGCD to M700s. DSJ running Windom.

Somehow the bridge config (fed by Roon) auto selects it’s input when I start streaming from Roon, and the display shows the album/track.

I can’t figure out (set up Roon years ago) how to config the coax input for auto input select and get the display to show anything other than nitrate.

Any help appreciated!

There is no meta data that is shared through the COAX so you’ll only see the rate. If you have the Jr. set to auto input select, that should work with the latest Jr. firmware.

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Thanks James. Makes sense on the metadata issue.

Auto switching doesn’t seem to work when a new signal comes via coax. Not sure where/how to set/check the DSJ for auto switching.

I believe there was an issue with it with the first iteration of Sunlight FW but it was fixed in the latest version.