DirectStream Junior firmware update - is a 2GB USB memory stick necessary

My new DirectStream Junior is now settled in and sounding great. It came with Yale and now I’m ready to try Torreys. I note that PS’ advice is to use a 2GB USB memory stick but the download, even when unzipped is less than an order of magnitude smaller than 2GB. I’ve a 1GB stick but I’m wary of using it just in case the DS Jnr uses the remainder of the stick’s capacity as working memory (though I’d expect a multi-£k product to have enough internally). I don’t want the upgrade to fail and leave my DS Jnr bricked until I get a fix from PS. (I’ll even be running the DS Jnr temporarily from a computer uninterruptible power supply just in case of a mains failure [uncommon but why take the risk?]).


• Is 2GB essential?

• Is more okay? (The advice doesn’t say ‘at least 2GB’

• Why 2GB for downloads under a tenth of that?

I’ll be grateful for any technical information or practical advice based upon experience.


A 2-gig stick is not required. Any FAT or FAT32 formatted stick less that 32 gig will work. The stick should not be formatted exFAT, that will not work.


mmmmmmmh…I can’t even see if I already have Torreys on my new DSJr : when I hold the left button for 3’’ or more, I see only the balance screen, no info about the OS version ?

Once you get to the balance screen, then press the button several more times to get to the versions screen. This cycles you the the setup menus.


ok, done laugh THANKS

I have Torreys 2.7.11, no bridge update also, so I believe all is good for me.