Directstream Junior - Unable to install firmware

I recently purchased a preowned Directstream Junior. It came preloaded with the Windom firmware. I wanted to try other firmware to see which I like better, but was not able to install them. With the USB flash driver inserted, I would power cycle via the power button in the back, and the standby button would blink for about 3 minutes and then go through the normal boot process. But when I go into the menu, it would still say Version Windom 3.00.00. I’ve tried this with Yale, Redcloud, and Snowmass firmware files. The USB drive I’m using is 8GB and formatted to FAT32. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I just emailed you some files. Give them a shot and let me know if there’s any difference. From what it sounds like, you may need to try a different drive.

Thanks! No difference when using the files you sent. I tried downloading your email attachments at once (zipped by Gmail) and also individually (not zipped). I ordered some 2GB USB drives and will try again and report back.

Maybe this will help…No explanation why: I found that when I used a smaller USB drive (1GB) when upgrading the DSJ, it worked. Larger drives failed.

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Smaller size USB drive worked! I found some old 128MB drives.
After about 2 minutes, the display would show “Updating USB” which I never got with the 8GB drive.

I found some 128MB USB drives and that worked!
But now I have another problem. I loaded Snowmass but the volume would drop to 50 about 10 seconds into a song. I found that someone else had the same problem going from Windom to Snowmass (Windom: Sound Impressions) but didn’t see a solution.

Go into the settings on the touchscreen and change the volume of the DSJ from variable to fixed after setting the volume of the DSJ where you want it.

I don’t see a setting for variable or fixed volume. Maybe you’re talking about the DS Senior? On my DS Junior, I only see attenuator unlocked and locked and maximum volume.

Glad the smaller drive worked. I’m not aware of any update combinations that will solve this. I also don’t know what the fix could be. I do know that the team won’t go back to bug squishing Snowmass.