Directstream Mk 2 observations

I have to agree with your response as I did not notice any difference when switching from the mk 1. It shows that standby does not shut down much as I see no change when in operation. According to specs it is rated for 25 watts. This can explain why it runs warm.

I have notice my MK2 feels much cooler in standby or even fully powered up since I upgraded to firmware 179. Has anybody else notice this or it’s only my unit that this is happening to. I feel the unit feels much cooler than I remember it from before. The sound I know is leaps and bounds better than when I first got the unit from all the break in and tweaks I applied to it, and this galvanic isolation thing has quite some bite to it to making the USB input so much better than in the MK1.

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I have the system on for all day because it has been raining like crazy in Bay Area, CA. you know too. I touched MK2 just now and it is barely warm. When it is on standby it is even cooler.

So, it is not just your unit! It is running cooler than I remembered from 173.


25watts is really nothing, mine is very slightly warm. I took some Flir pictures of it that I will post to show were the heat is on the rear panel connectors. The unit draws the near the same on standby or not. It appears that only the display is turned off on standby.

With the fuse change and absorbent tweak added, I have experienced the deepest soundstage ever from my system. Every singer sings behind the speakers on a live stage, some of them sing from more than six feet deep. I have never experienced it from DS in the past. MK2 is simply incredible in throwing me a deep and vivid presentation (among other things!).


Few Flir pictures of MK2 idle temperature, room temp. 68F.



I am hoping boost 2 from M-1. But the 3m absorber lid tweaks are the bomb. i must agree. The live Orchestra stuff is incredible. The Timpani thwacks deep in the orchestra then also naliing me with the orchestra hall back reverberations. Aaron Copelands Fanfare For Common Man had my wife running into the room to find out what I was playing

But Neil Young Harvest 50 year anniversary with LSO tracks are superb also.

Old Man Live so much acoustics of the hall. No LSO but truly hearing music like the first time. His voice and emotion. Not laid back but live.

I am surmising Ted listens with the lid off. So the RF and EMI i heard he did not. The 3M absorber lets us hear the masterpiece as Ted created. The lid lets it sll bounce around inside.


What exactly is the 3M tweak?

I started using the material on the P20. I had a sheet and a wild hair eureka moment on how to use it.

For MK2.
Start reading this.

Go to post 85

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To use 3M Absorber on power cables this thread is full of info.

It solves noise issues in all sorts of cables and electronics. It impoves sound but also can be used on video equipment


Awesome thanks. I’ll start with the stock MKII and tweak as time goes on.

Going from a DSD JR so I’m expecting profound results. :gasp:

I never had pleasure of listening to a JR. But many say it is a fine DAC. I know you will enjoy the MK2.

I owned a DACJR (and MKI and now MKII) and it was a good unit, but it’s Achilles Heal, for me, was it’s relatively high noise floor. Each new design has beaten down noise to where it exhibits that blacker background we crave. The silence between tracks is deafening. You’re in for a treat.


Woot! Lower noise floor, what else?? You got my appetite going :smiley:

There are a number of posts on this forum from beta and production unit owners who have owned DACJR and DACSR. Expect better everything and judge for yourself.


woot! yeah ive read pretty much everything on the forums about it. I’m clearly excited.

Did you resolve this?

I just set up my MkII. Hopefully will have some time this weekend to listen.

A question about SR Purple fuses. I have one that I’ve been using in the MkI. Is there a consensus yet on directionality? Should the writing point into the DAC or outward?

“s” end should be inserted into the cap. Since yours is used, you can switch the direction after a few hours of playing to see if you like the other way better. Some people do.

My first post on the forum! I love the wealth of information and the civility!

Has any of you tested the MK2 plugged directly in the power amp, instead of using a preamp ?
I tested the BHK preamp at home and it made a huge difference when in the loop compared with my current dac directly connected to my M1200: bass control and dynamics!
Maybe I could kill two birds (current dac and preamp) with one stone (the new MK2), or is this just wishful thinking ? Thanks for your help!