Directstream Mk 2 observations

I opened this thread as I wanted to share a bit of information to others that have experienced dropouts when using JR Media Center connected via USB to the mk 2. I have been continuing to investigate this issue. Today I decided to try playing files using Foobar 2000. I found I get the dropouts with it also. I no longer think it is a configuration issue with JRiver. It is looking like it has something to do with the USB firmware in the mk 2. I get the dropouts with either the PS Audio extended resolution WASAPI or the ASIO driver for it does not seem to be related to the driver. I never had this issue with the original Directstream DAC. I hope Barry or whomever is responsible for the firmware can set up a simulation and duplicate the problem so they can write appropriate code to fix it!

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Another observation. There was someone on the forum who mentioned hearing a tick whenever they changed track or went in and out of pause. He is using a PST into the mk2 just as I am. I have never noticed any ticks with the BHK preamp in the middle. Today I hooked up the DAC directly to the amp. I do like him notice a tick whenever you select a track or come out of pause. It is curious that they are not there with the preamp in the chain.

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Interesting, I have the PST and BHK pre combo and noticed ticks on standard as well as SACD discs in the beginning with the MKII. Now I don’t seem to hear them. Rev. 179/2.3.3 installed. I don’t know if they are truly reduced or I lost my focus on it. I’ll take another listen.


Our MKII gets better everyday. It started out sounding great, but now it’s truly jaw dropping.

There is no A/B-ing needed to tell the significant difference between the MKII and the DS Sr.

Come on AirLens, can’t wait for that one!!!

Just my thoughts,


I thought the issue might be related to the ground lift which I had enabled so I tried the grounded option. It did not change anything. The tiny tick when selecting a new track was the same either way and again only audible at all without the preamp in the chain.


Well Im happy to see that you can also hear this tick, thought that I was going crazy. My chain is PST - MK2 - Krell Amp. The tick is even more noticeable when fast forwarding. As I said before Taylor could not hear it on their system at PSA.
Thanks for identifying with and without preamp, I’ll pass this info on to Taylor.

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In one of the threads someone asked about how to play DSD 256 files. I can play them with JRiver via USB from the dedicated laptop. It was mentioned that you could copy them to a USB drive and play them through the PST transport. I tried to do that and it will not play! I can play 64 and 128 DSD files from the USB drive via the USB port on the PST. Just to clarify the facts.


You can also play DSD 256 files thru the I2S input with the help of a USB to I2S converter like the Matrix, or I2S directly if your streamer has a I2S output. I find going USB directly sounds better than the Matrix route in my system, that’s how good the USB is on the MK2.

The MK2 also improved the enjoyment of watching movies. I was startled many times by the production of transients by this DAC. It is so clean, distinct, powerful, and lifelike that suspended disbelieve. Voices also sounded alarmingly real without the exaggerated sibilance and hardness in past soundtracks. This DAC is so good with voices, singing or spoken. It is really a glorious DAC for movie soundtracks as well as music.


So does that mean you’re using four of them for 7.1 or six of them for 7.1.4? :wink:

I would, if I had the space and money. No, stereo is plenty good for me, I don’t need all those special effects and voices sneaking from behind me and all that crazy stuff. The sound space stereo produces is convincing enough.

So the DS2 is becoming an even better value proposition. Die Hard through an outrageously good DAC = Yippee-Ki-Yay?

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas!

We have carolling magpies here as light begins to wake :christmas_tree:


Have there been any community members to compare the MKII to other similarly priced DACs?

I will be coming from a DSD Jr, but if im going to spend the money, I would like to have heard some thoughts on dCS or other DAC reviews.

Right now the MKII threads are so spread out and confusing, I wonder if someone can just start a MKII review thread…

This thread seems to be the perfect place for observations, opinions, reviews.

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wonderful, the elk has spoken. let it be written. let it be done.

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impressive for a 10K comparison

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Ted like the Carpenters has ‘only just begun’ with the developement of the fpga code for the mk 2. Even in this early stage the mk 2 sings with a beautiful voice! It is satisfying to know that with a simple software update we can continue to advance in our ability to enjoy music that keeps sounding better without having to ship the units in for physical changes and the expense of doing that!


I’m waiting to purchase once they send me confirmation that the DSD Jr will receive the full $3500 towards it.


What did the Junior list for?

I believe the PST is responisible for not being able to play the quad rate dsd via the usb drive. It sees the file and for a second thinks it is single rate and than does nothing with it.