Directstream Mk 2 observations

In he UK Mkii just arrived
Using Ifi Neo sream with its internet feed by optical (so isolated)

Then i2s ( PS audio pin out ) to Mkii

It’s frankly amazing compared to mkone

So much more info, atmosphere, super smooth more effortless,
It literally seems like listening to my music again
Surprised as that’s such a cliche
But this upgrade seems it’s true
Burning in perhaps 100 hours so far
Brilliant and very pleased
Go Ted waiting for next FPGA update
Currently beta massive and 2.62


Ok another brief Update.

In the UK we have fuses in the mains lead as well as the equipment.

So FUSE Games . Qsa Yellow feeding P15. In Mains lead. SR Purple was in that mains lead.

So burnt in purple now in the Mains lead feeding the DAC MKii.

Plus a QSA yellow 5x20mm in the DAC rear fuse holder, not really sure which direction it’s supposed to be?

Anywho that’s a few changes which I’m sure needs to burn in Inc DAC etc

Note all Mains leads Kimber various ages.

Soon pre burn in HOLY COW !!!
Astounding everything improved, Imagery super wide! My speakers disappeared Before , Now it’s really as if they are not there Hard to believe when you see the pic, with a room full of effortless Music .

Big Active ATC’s. 150 . 150 liter cabinets


Sitting room my wife understands my passion for music, room friendly NOT !

For scale 15in bass unit :fearful::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face::smiley:


Wow! Those ATCs must rattle the windows and knock over the chess board when you really crank them up! :upside_down_face:


Yes they can but don’t usually listen too loud.
The bass is epic some music has super deep bass, you literally can not hear at all on other
speakers (inc other ATC systems I have in the house)

I recently purchased the MK2 and AirLens and have owned the Bel Canto Black EX pre-amp/DAC for around four years. They are in different systems.

I had a similar problem.

The next issue of The Absolute Sound will feature a full review of the Mk2. Hopefully they got a unit with the update.

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In the last issue of TAS they said review of MK ll was coming in their next issue. I can access magazines through the Libby app free from my local library. The November issue dropped today. Instead we got their “2024 Annual Buyers Guide”. No new product reviews and no music reviews. Just short recaps of previous reviews and no music reviews. I don’t know about you but I find these issues disappointing and, frankly, a bit of a ripoff.

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I guess we’ll have to wait until the December issue, then.

What I really don’t like about TAS Buyers Guide issues is that they order products by price, not by quality. The Stereophile system of classes, while not perfect, seems more useful to me as it allows quality comparisons.

Combo. Rank in price ranges. But it get hard when you get over 20k. Such broad ranges.

Perhaps these buyers guides are useful for the magazine stand person who is just interested in buying some equipment but for the subscriber who keeps his back issues they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Agreed. Plus, the reviews eventually end up on the website, so you don’t even need to keep the back issues.

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It is now Oct 2nd and I am still anxiously awaiting the fix or final release of Massive. Just very tired of listening to the swishing and swirling noise between cuts as well as on low level music. Sounds more like a toilet flush every day.


I am stumped by the strange issues that you are experiencing. I have no issues like those with my mk2.

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I am too stumped. What is your source when you hear all of these strange noises. I have a very traditional system. My PST goes to my Mk2, which goes to my preamp, which goes to my amp and then to my dynamic speakers. To me hearing swishing noise and low level music sounds like you have an unwanted source of music leaking in to your amplification. Can you describe your system like I did above?

Set the volume to 35 on your MK2.
Increase the gain on your preamp to get a normal listing level.
If your MK2 is like mine, you’ll instantly hear the problem.

My MK2 is clean when the volume is set at 100 and very noticeably noisy when set below 50.

I have my Mk2 set to 100, I see no need to change it. I might try 94 some time in the future.

Danny, What volume is your Mk2 set at?

I thought you might be interested in experiencing the problem.
Obviously, you would go back to 100 after the experiment.