DirectStream MKII DAC Production Launch Start-up

Sounds like a typical video conference…


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Maybe something for a future MK3 DAC thread, but, if an OEM App from PS Audio is a step too far, then maybe just do what smaller firms do and put all the control adjustments on a webpage. It is silly that I hunt through the menu screen trying to find an adjustment. And it turns out that turning input auto select on and off is done by pressing a button on a remote twice. And this is not documented. Here are images from the latest exaSound DAC web pages from a new manual from them (don’t look at older ones from before end of 2022). Note: These screens work great big (computer or TV), medium (tablet) and small (phone).


Not saying I’m a fan of PS’s manuals, but this one is in there.

Not holding my breath for an app either, as nice as that would be. I’m a visual learner to a fair extent, so simple iPhone walkthrough videos as we got during the beta would be nice for demo’ing navigation and settings and so on.


Doh! And I guess it is not mentioned in the section about input menus because… it ain’t there. Maybe the next manual update could mention in the menus section which items are not there, but are to be found on the remote (that thing I put somewhere I forget).

Hopefully they can do device webpages at least sometime before never. I think exaSound shows how they can be simple and visual too. Not just table after table.

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This is a great idea, I’ll try to put that on our checklist for future betas.


FYI, I created an issue to add this to the Input Menu section. Thanks for pointing this out.


Actually - though it certainly helps in a beta - I’m talking about having How To videos to augment the Manual. How to navigate a new UI and where certain items are isn’t necessarily evident or intuitive by reading a text/still photo description of it. When you get one of these units the layout is a mystery, and where things are has to be memorized. But 15 seconds of someone stepping through it visually with VO, and I got it👍🏼


This would be great for the online version of the manual as well.

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I don’t recall these videos. Were they posted somewhere?

The videos should not just show how to make a change but why you would make a change explained. Real world examples… etc…

I think the video ideas for manual, how to etc. are a great idea! They would be another example for PS Audio to tout as to their great customer service.

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Ditto on this, where can I find these walk through videos?

They are vaporware right now. Just this group suggesting to PSA what would be nice.

Sorry Vince - I was recalling the .pdf Aaron sent on Dec. 2 as being a video, but it was this sort of thing - halfway between the manual and a video. That’s when the thought got into my head that manual sections, menu structure layouts and update(d) procedures might be helpful if posted in video walkthru form.

Time spent making these once vs. time spent by sales/customer service on the phone or on email repeating the info 100 times over = no brainer.


@badbeef, considering your skill set maybe you could put together a brief video to demonstrate the idea showing one or two of the more elusive features. Possibly PSA would jump on it for a more fleshed out video, just spit ballin’.

Not looking for work.


Ha! Seemed you were fishin’. :wink:
Regardless a great idea for PSA to consider once the owner’s manual is finalized, and fleshed out.

Thanks for thinking of me. Booked for months actually.

It is just how I think from a lifetime of illustrating things with video for various needs. It is often about efficiency and clarity. It struck me that the manuals tend not to reflect or intuitively illustrate the complexity of the UI’s at times, and Aaron’s email was great for that. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Picture worth a thousand words and so on. Tightly cut moving pictures with words even more so.


Happy to hear you a busy, always a good thing. Yes being a visual learner as well I can relate to a video guide as long as it is succinct. On occasion I delve into YouTube guides, and wade through endless bloat. I’d like to see your work some day, and would think you’d bring a lot to the table for a video DSD Mk II operator’s guide.

Has anyone tried out the WiFi in the Mkll? I tried setting it up last night to see if it would connect and it didn’t bring up my network. Had 6 others from neighbours but not mine.