DSD DAC Mk2 Manual - Suggestions for next update

As titled, the sooner this operating manual is accurately updated the better for all of us as owners/operators and importantly PS Audio.
So, started this thread in hope that logical sensible suggestions are made here in one place for the next manual update ( hoping there is going to be an update ).
I will start it off by suggesting that there ought to be a graphic/photo of all icons, especially the top row of the display which should be bigger anyway.
Also in the descriptive text of the manual, show which icon will be shown where in the display. For example, if making a Balance change show an example of that in the relevant bit of text.
So come on you owners, let’s have some sensible input please.


And a clear step-by-step instruction how to navigate through menus’s and sub-menu’s!

Include the menu cheat sheet:

The shared link you are trying to access has either been deleted or expired

A post down you will see my post with a PDF of the sheet attached. It should still work.

One thing I’d like updated in a future firmware update: make it so the larger number on the display be selectable between volume setting and the bitspeed/depth.

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I’ll second that suggestion.

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